Prayer For Healing

Father God I thank you for loving me with the same love with which you love Jesus.

It is my highest privilege to be your child.

As I have studied your Word I find that you have called yourself my healer.

Abraham knew you as healer, Moses knew you as healer, Job knew you as healer,
David knew you as healer and I today I need to know you as my healer.

My faith is strong today because of your mighty power seen in the ministry of Jesus.

I’ve read how he healed the blind, the paralyzed, the deaf, the mute and how he even raised people from the dead.

Not only did Jesus heal but he instructed his followers to pray for healing.
Jesus said that healing would be a sign that follows those that believe and today Lord I believe that you can heal me.

I will bless you Lord with all my soul because you forgive all my iniquities and you heal all my diseases, Father I will not forget your benefits.

Like the woman with the issue of blood that you healed after 12 years of suffering,
I press into you Lord, let your power touch my body and bring healing.

Like you healed Peter’s mother in law and raised her up, raise me up today to life and health.

Lord you spoke through the prophet Isaiah that Jesus Himself took my infirmities and bore my sicknesses so today I thank you for lifting the burden of this sickness from me.

James 1:12 tells me that every good and perfect gift comes from you Lord and Luke 13:16 tells me that satan loves to bind with sickness, so today I have no doubt that this sickness is not your will.

Luke 10:19 tells me that you have given your followers authority over the power of the enemy so I exercise that authority in the name of Jesus Christ and I praise you Lord for showing yourself strong on my behalf. I thank you healing now, Amen!