The staff and elders of Crossroads Church view financial stewardship as one of our highest priorities as a church leadership team.

Our Church is governed by a board of Elders – a group of qualified men called by God to help lead our congregation. These men meet the Biblical qualifications of an elder and also have business and administrative gifts to address the business affairs of the church including our financial operations.

We have gone to great lengths to maintain our financial integrity through careful stewardship and accountability.

A few of our guiding principles at Crossroads are:


Since our first Church service held in 2007, we have always been a tithing church meaning that we give away at least 10% of our income to help meet needs in our community and around the world through missions giving.

Staff Salaries

The salaries of our staff are set by the elder board using numerous outside resources that compare our church to similar size churches around the country. We believe a church should pay its staff well but we stay within the guidelines set forth by the annual publications by several church research firms.


Crossroads has always sought to live well below our means and keep our debt to a minimum. Our only debt is on our real estate and we have an aggressive plan to pay off our debt as soon as possible.

We truly desire to honor God with the use of all the resources He entrusts to us and our partnership with our church family is one that we greatly value.

Any Crossroads member can review a copy of the church’s financial records by requesting to meet with a member of our administrative team.

We sincerely thank you for your partnership in the Gospel! (Philippians 1:5)