IMG_5732Do you have kids? We do too and lots of them!

We love kids at Crossroads and we’re pretty sure that your kids will love their experience in our full service kids church. They will have their own worship experience with lots of kids their own age.
We use music, drama, video, crafts, and more to make the Bible come alive to our children.
We have a nursery, a 3-4 year old class, a 5-9 year old class, and a 10-12 year old class.
All classes are available during our 9:30 am and 11:15 am Sunday morning gatherings.


Our kids church is staffed with people who love kids and are certified by our screening process to ensure the safety of every child who comes through our doors. Each class has at least 2 teachers and you will be notified immediately by our notification system if your child would need you at any time. Every child is issued a 2 part ID and parents are required to show their part of the ID when you pick up your child.

Sometimes kids are a little shy about going to a class for the first time so if you would rather keep your child with you in the sanctuary, that is fine too! We also have a room in the back of the sanctuary for children and parents to go if a child needs a break from the service.

Children are a blessing and we welcome them in all areas of the church.